I started losing my hair in college when I was 20 years old. I suddenly noticed increased hair shedding the shower, and I grew alarmed. Seeking answers, I searched online and took advice from friends and family. I tried different home remedies, onion juice, and vitamins but the hair loss continued.

Getting desperate, I went to see a holistic health practitioner. After an initial evaluation, the holistic health practitioner mixed a blend of oils for Faraz to apply on his head. The hair oils slowed down his hair loss, but they didn’t stop it. The oils had a bad odour and made my towel and bedroom smell really bad. Regardless, I had no other options so I continued.

Faraz Khan hair loss before

Learn how Faraz grew his hair back in 3 months

A couple of years later, Faraz attended grad school which added huge amounts of stress. The increased stress caused additional hair loss.

Faraz’s male friends started making fun of this thinning hair, which led to a marked decrease in Faraz’s self-confidence.

After grad school, Faraz went to see a medical doctor again who put him Finasteride (a pharmaceutical compound proven to slow down hair loss). Out of desperation and clutching at anything that would stop his hair loss, Faraz took the pharmaceutical medication for over 10 years. His hair loss slowed, but still continued at a much slower pace.

Once I started taking Finasteride, I became lazy about my hair loss. I expected the hair loss to stop and figured I wouldn’t have to do anything more. This was a bad decision and it hurt my hair.

Fast forward many years, my hair thinning and hair loss was obvious to the people around me. This led me to resort to using hair fibers to hide the thinning areas. I started wearing caps, avoiding swimming in public, and became less social.

My confidence about my career and dating life was shot.

It was at this low point that I decided that enough was enough, and I was going to find the answers to reverse my hair loss no matter what it took. I traveled the world meeting with the best medical doctors, hair transplant specialists, trichologists, and natural medicine experts to find the REAL answers and reverse my hair loss.

Faraz Khan Hair Loss Experts

Learn how Faraz grew his hair back in 3 months

After I met and interviewed the experts, I realized that there were scientifically proven techniques that worked to stop and reverse hair loss. I also realized that combatting hair loss was multi-factorial; I had to combine a few techniques daily that would allow me to grow thicker, fuller hair.

I got to work immediately using many of the proven techniques and ignored all “free” advice on the internet. To my surprise, in just a few weeks my hair loss stopped. In addition, my hair started growing back.

In just 3 months, I could see small tiny hair growing all along my front hairline. I was so excited I started jumping for joy.

My confidence was back. I started smiling for no reason. I stopped wearing caps in public.

I was not afraid of being under the harsh lights anymore, and was not afraid of being the center of attention even if for a few minutes.

Faraz Khan hair regrowth

In just a few months, Faraz started receiving compliments about his hair. He went from being ashamed to being confident about his hair.

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